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Showing you how to make leftover turkey bone broth on the stove top, in a slow cooker, or in an Instant Pot, with step by step photos. Bone broth is such a nutrient powerhouse, and is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and collagen.

Make the most out of every last turkey bone using this easy turkey bone broth recipe! This bone broth is made in the Instant Pot, but we have also shared directions for how to make turkey stock on the stove top, and how to make bone broth with beef or chicken bones.

After a turkey dinner when you’re feeling the need for a little “detox”, this turkey bone broth recipe is the perfect solution. Not only is bone broth nutrient-dense, full of natural collagen, and hydrating, but it’s the best way to use every part of the turkey.

Best of all, if you’ve just cooked a turkey dinner then you will have all the ingredients (aka leftovers!) for this bone broth. Just dump all ingredients into the Instant Pot, pressure cook, strain – and you have the most nourishing homemade broth.

Reasons you’ll ♡ this recipe

  • you can use up the whole turkey carcass
  • it is nutrient-dense, hydrating and full of collagen
  • it’s the perfect post-turkey-dinner detox
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