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This farro arugula salad is a delicious vegetarian meal prep recipe! With snap peas, feta cheese, egg and a tangy vinaigrette, it is filling and delicious!

Farro is so under-appreciated in the meal prep world: it is chewy and holds up so great in this farro arugula salad, or in this mediterranean farro chicken lunch bowl. If you’ve never made farro before, learn all about it (how to cook it, and how to use it) in this how to cook farro post!


There’s nothing better than a vegetarian meal prep bowl packed with wholesome and nourishing ingredients – and this farro arugula salad is all of the above! Packed with lots of protein from the farro, eggs, and feta cheese, this bowl is sure to keep you satiated whether you enjoy it for lunch or dinner.

It’s easy to prep, customizable based on what’s in your fridge, and keeps so well even in a vinaigrette for multiple days!

Reasons you’ll ♡ this recipe

  • the farro provides a nutty flavor and deliciously chewy texture, which pairs perfectly with the peppery arugula and white wine honey vinagrette
  • it is packed with vegetarian proteins (15 g per serving), making it nicely filling
  • there is minimal prep time required, and it is ready in 30 minutes
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