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This dry brined turkey with garlic sage butter has step by step photos to help you get the juiciest turkey possible! A dry brine helps lock in the juices with a fraction of the effort that a wet brine requires.

Turkey is one of my favorite holiday meals to cook up, and this dry brined turkey is an easy, go-to recipe that is sure to impress your family and guests. Serve it up with a side of make-ahead apple sage stuffing, and roasted butternut squash, with apple crisp for dessert!

Brined turkey is without a doubt delicious and flavorful, but using a wet brine definitely has some downfalls. A wet brine is labor intensive and kind of stressful (if you’ve ever tried to get a huge turkey into a brining bag you know what I mean).

This dry brined turkey is so much easier than a wet brine, and gives this turkey just as much flavor. Dry brined turkey helps lock in moisture by loosening up muscle fibres, helping them absorb more moisture. It also gives the turkey meat a delicious seasoned flavor.

A dry brine also eliminates the need for a giant pot/brining bag/extra cooler! So much simpler, and to my surprise, just as flavorful! Plus, the skin ends up much nicer.

Reasons you’ll ♡ this recipe

  • the turkey is guaranteed to be so juicy and flavorful, with deliciously crispy skin
  • dry bring turkey is so much easier than a wet brine, and requires less planning and clean up!
  • you can start dry brining before the turkey is 100% thawed, which cuts down on prep time
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