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Air fryer pizza comes out so crispy and cooks through without the need to turn on your oven! Perfect for personal-sized pizzas.

The air fryer continues to surprise me with how well it cooks certain foods; from air fryer burgers to air fryer french toast, sometimes the recipes you least expect blow you away. Enter air fryer pizza!

I mean, I really thought this was going to be a disaster, so when the pizza crust came out amazingly crisp and cooked through so quickly, I was pretty floored. I think this will be our go-to method for pizza from now on!

Reasons you’ll ♡ this recipe

  • the pizza crust gets golden and crispy, and the cheese gets nice and browned
  • it cooks through quickly, without the need to turn on your oven and heat up the kitchen
  • it makes smaller pizzas, perfect for individual-sized pizzas!

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